Friday, August 17, 2012

If Life is a Box of Chocolates, then today is a Milky Caramel...

Sometimes, Forrest Gump was really quite bright. You never DO know what you're gonna get. For instance, when you help assemble a mish mash of talented writers for Listen To Your Mother, you know that you're interacting with some brilliant minds. But what you didn't realize, at the time of auditions and selections, was that you were connecting with people who would become your friends.

I am so thrilled that tonight is Katy's 37th birthday party and that she invited the cast of LTYM to come. Not because it's an obligation, but because that show created a mini-family with a common, meaningful experience.

FYI, the videos from LTYM 2012 are ALMOST AVAILABLE. As in, any day now. I swear to God! I know it's been a long time between show and video release, but technical issues sometimes occur and thus was the case with this situation.

Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!

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