Monday, August 20, 2012

Because Who Doesn't Love Lists?

Shit Stuff you do when your mother-in-law takes the kids away for the entire day:

~ take a very long, hot bath (with bubbles!) in absolute silence. I DIDN'T EVEN LOCK THE DOOR.

~ Marveled at the absence of family noises - no computers, tv, video games. No talking, walking, eating or arguing. No questions, comments or bodily functions. Just... silence. Fascinating.

~ Painted my toes.

~ Planned out the next 2 weeks of schoolwork for all 3 kids.(Can I get a Hell Yeah on this one??)

~ Took pictures of my dog. She didn't even care.
~ Sat perfectly still with a cup of coffee and did absolutely NOTHING for a very long time.

~ Washed dishes and didn't have a pile of dirty ones waiting when I finished. I.E. I FINISHED the dishes.

~ Missed the kids...

~ Missed the husband...

~ Went for a walk.

~ Contemplated on a tree.
~ Made a list of shit I did because I (apparently) have too much time on my hands.
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