Sunday, April 08, 2012

Forging his own path


I have so much to say about my 13 year old, yet so much of it is "unallowed." Crossing the line to the forbidden territory, my tongue is tied and fingers must often remain still.

I can't tell you.

It is no longer only my story to share. His path is quite vividly his own; though we often walk side by side, he is the one who has begun to navigate a unique direction.

I hope he understands just how much I'm holding back. I hope he knows why his stories aren't recounted on my sites quite as often anymore. I hope he knows that I am still collecting memories in my mind of the ups and downs of 2012. I hope that he looks back on these years on my websites and thinks "Ah. She was protecting me and my privacy. Not ignoring me because I was being a teenager."

For I have stories to tell, my friends. PLENTY. Oh, the tales I could share, if only I were not held back by my desire to do this ONE THING for my son - which is allowing him to begin his own version of his life. To tell his tales from his point of view.
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