Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go Fly a Kite...

Blue skies and gusty winds... Sunshine on our faces. What more do you need?
A kite made by a 6 year old who found an old Pirates of the Caribbean dollar store prize in the back corner of the closet may not hold up perfectly, but it's interesting enough to draw the attention of a couple of hawks that will swoop and dive beside it, eliciting shrieks and laughter from your entire family.
Grabbing the fishing pole on the way down to the lake will mean all of the confused fish who don't own a calendar will be biting and biting and biting.
Success! The kite is up!
Figuring it out together is priceless.
She's not a baby anymore, is she? 6 and a half. How did that happen?
And speaking of getting older, I'd like to give you a glance at my 9 year old, before he turns 10 this weekend. He has grand, GRAND plans for his first friend birthday party sleepover which is a privilege only available to ten year olds in this house. Plans of acting out the Hunger Games, eating pizza, watching some army movie and then waking up to chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. He is also itching to find out where his special birthday trip will be. Some of you may remember that I took Justin to Mammoth Cave when he turned 10. Sort of our last hurrah before they become too cool and mature to think that a weekend with Mom is fun. (though I know that Justin would still like a trip away with me, if only to be away from his siblings).
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