Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Did you see me on WGN? Hopefully, I Rocked it!

Welcome to any new readers who have found me via today's segment on WGN Channel 9 News at Noon. I really enjoy reviewing these products and hope that you will find something which works out for you and your family. If you have any questions that you can't find the answers to, please comment and ask! I will do my best to answer them or find a person who can help you out.

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First up on the list is the Sidekick Child Carrier Backpack by Go Go Babyz.
This truly is unique. It's a bag, it's a carrier, it's a bag AND a carrier all at once! The Sidekick retails for $129 and is available at the site and national retail stores.As a mom who loved to carry her babies, I can see how this device would have been truly useful. As a mom who currently has no babies to carry (sob), you can picture me, walking around the house, popping a teddy bear in and out, in and out, just to get the feel for the ease of this carrier. While I wouldn't recommend it for your main carrier as I think it might become quite heavy on one shoulder with a toddler and the bag full of diapers/juice/rattles/etc., I do think it makes a FABULOUS emergency carrier. Especially for use in airports, downtown trips, and when you're just caught without a stroller or sling.

The Peekaru Hoodie is something for every baby-carrying caregiver. With its incredibly soft cotton, and loose design, the hoodie allows for a baby to be cozy and comfortable from inside the safety of your favorite baby carrier.Isn't it cute? It can be worn as a front or back carrier cover and is designed to be comfortable from the temps of about 45-65 Farenheit. It retails for approximately $64 and can be found on

Thank GOD I am done potty-training! Those years bring back memories of excessive paper towel, M&M's and wine purchases. The day I knew I was done wiping tushies and changing diapers is a day that shall live on forever in my mind. For those of you who ARE potty-training... well... Um. It's not so bad! Really!


Still, if I were to be potty-training another child, the potty seat by would be a tool I'd like to utilize. It's small, comfortable, and easy to pour the contents out, once it's been, um, used.
AND! A big plus is its price: $14.95. Bring. It. On.

A fun addition to today's line up are the silicone bibs by Their styles are adorable and their texture is simply perfect for a little one who wants to lick the last bit of their mashed potatoes and peas from their bib. Super soft. Super squishy. Super Cute!For children ages 6 months and up, the Ulubulu bibs retail for about $8.99.

The Tilty cup is a uniquely designed training cup with an internal wall that forces the fluid to the spout and allows the child to easily drink with minimal effort and head tilt, just like they would drink out of a regular cup or glass. They retail at about $5.99 for a pack of two, are BPA Free, PVC Free, Pthalate Free, made of safe #5 polypropylene, and are dishwasher safe.
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