Monday, March 26, 2012

Stream of Thought

It is so peaceful inside my home right now. The kids are still asleep. All electronics (besides my quiet laptop) are off; the familiar hummm-hummm of the energy all of the gadgets waste is absent. The remaining sounds are that of my puppy, gently snoring beside me as I type by the window in the living room. The blustery March wind is contributing the background noise, now; causing the overgrown rose bush branches to squeak and moan as they rub against our siding and causing me to pause for a welcome sip of reheated coffee. I'd like to get up to make it just a touch warmer, but that would mean having to move my little dog buddy... I guess there are worse things in life than luke warm coffee.

Patrick caught 8 fish at our pond yesterday. He said "Let's walk to the lake" and I said "Ok. Justin watch the kids" and we were able to walk to the lake with the dog, sans children, and have a grown up conversation the entire time we were gone, which couldn't have been more than 45 minutes; It's amazing what you can talk about in 45 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. With all of the distractions of children and household removed, we were just a couple, walking together, hanging out. It seems to have taken an exceptionally long time for us to get back to this spot in our lives where a walk together wasn't something that would require a babysitter and a plan of action. I guess it proves that there ARE benefits to having a teenager in the house! Thank God for the benefits, eh? Hold tight to those benefits, Tracey. ReMEMber the benefits when you're tearing out your hair, wondering what happened to the sweet little tow-headed boy who adored you more than trains and Star Wars...
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