Thursday, February 02, 2012

Time for a Little Heart to Heart....

Speaking of diseases that try to destroy the women we love...

Friday, February 3 is National Wear Red Day. I will be wearing RED! (Note to self: Do some laundry.)

The National Go Red For Women Foundation focuses on bringing awareness to women's heart disease. Why only women and not men and women? As a person who has had male loved ones with serious heart disease, I was curious, too.

Their website explains it quite well, I think:

We women are always the caregivers and rarely think about providing care for ourselves. It's time to put a stop to that oversight and place ourselves higher on the To Do list than the laundry and soccer practices! I mean, it's pretty freaking hard to multi-task if you're having a heart attack...

Though this short movie is meant to be light-hearted, it's not meant to downplay the seriousness of women's health and I think the point is pretty clear:

This February 29, Sassy Moms in the City will be hosting a fabulous event to draw awareness for women's heart health! Girl's Night Out will boast raffles, music, mini spa services, etc. FUN STUFF. Fun stuff that brings women together. Women that are all wearing red, joining forces, and remembering the reason behind our red dresses is to Fight Heart Disease and spread awareness of how to do so.

I just so happen to LOVE red dresses!!
* Sassy Moms is providing me with a complimentary ticket to help them spread the word for their event. Don't tell them (cuz I really want to go!), but I would have done it for free.
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