Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pride doesn't exist when we're talking about Cancer

So, I was at Quigley's Irish Pub with some of the Chicago Blogger Gang (word) last week. Brandie was sitting next to me, being the bad influence that she is*, trying to get me to get up and do my jig.

"Oh, I'll do it!" I said. "Tell you what: you walk around and have people donate a buck for your Avon walk and I'll get up and do a full-on Tracey version of an Irish-jig-meets-Elaine-from-Seinfeld."And Brandie, being the sweet and delicate flower that she is**, blushed and giggled and wouldn't walk around, approaching random strangers for money to watch her friend dance.


And Me, being not-quite-drunk-enough to TRULY embarrass myself in a bar full of very cute 20 something's, never did get up and do that jig (though, truth be told, it may have had something to do with the killer boots I was wearing and my fear of twisting an ankle in freaking JANUARY).

I came home that night, slightly inebriated, and fast-talking my husband's ear off about the Fabulous! Idea! I had and even went so far as to scribble my idea for said Fabulous Blog Post on a box of baby products I will be reviewing in a week (on tv! Again!). Yes. I wrote a drunken note to myself on baby products while drunk. (though only slightly drunk) Thankfully it was only the shipping box and I won't need to show it on television. Whew! My reputation is saved!

What is this Fabulous! Idea! you ask?

Well, Brandie has spent the last year beating the beast that is breast cancer away with many sharp, pointy sticks and other assorted weaponry. Now that she has cleared several hurdles, she's committed to walking in Avon 2 day Walk in Chicago. While I already personally donated to her walk, I really would like to help her earn a little more towards their goal. Sooooo....

I shall dance a jig!

Complete with Elaine kicks and embarrassing facial expressions. All it will take for you to witness this loveliness is a dollar or two, donated to Brandie's Avon Walk account. Avon doesn't take Paypal donations -sad face- but if you would like to donate via credit card or personal check, you can donate to Brandie's group. Or you can donate to Brandie's personal Paypal account that she will use towards her walk (Brandie185 at gmail dot com). Just comment below that you've done so, and I'll include it in the tally. Once we get to $50, the music shall commence.

Come on! A buck to see me dance? It truly is a treasure worth witnessing. Just ask anyone at BlogHer11...
Or weddings, random bars, or my kitchen for that matter...

Edited to add: Please tell me the amount you've donated so that I can start a count!

Current donations are at: $5.00

*We all know who the REAL*** bad influence is....

**Ha HA! She is no delicate flower. She is kicking cancer's ass as I type this. Only a Warrior can do that.

***It's true. I am a baaaaad influence...

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