Monday, December 19, 2011

My heart is overwhelmed

Evan is amazing. He has found his "niche". HIS activity. His space outside of the family where he feels happy and confident and welcomed. When he won a free month of martial arts this summer, he wasn't so sure he wanted to even go ONCE, let alone attend on a regular basis.

And now? Now he attends karate lessons twice a week with joy. He practices his moves and is the most respectful, confident kid on the mat (no bias). When we watched him receive his first level above white belt yesterday, his face was beaming with pride and light.
His instructor is confident that he will rank up very quickly, due to his dedication and interest. I'm just happy that he has found an activity that he adores so much. I fully believe that this child has the ability to get his black belt, someday. Without a doubt.
In other news, our first Christmas party was a success! As the grandchildren get older and bigger, the volume in my parents' house gets louder and wilder, but it's always fun when we all get together; Especially when my dad has plenty of Franzia available.
Going through my photos from yesterday has reminded me to Take More Photos! Sometimes, I take pictures for a bit, and then put the camera away to enjoy the day more fully. And then I am left feeling a bit deflated because of the lack of ample shots to browse through. I vow to be a shutterbug this Christmas. Maybe not for every holiday hereafter, but this Christmas will be amply documented!Evan's going to make a great Daddy someday... He adores babies and little kids; and they adore him!
I also vow to make sure I am IN more of these pictures! (No gray hair! Thank you Nice n Easy.)
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