Saturday, December 17, 2011

I think I prefer braids and ponytails, thanks.

"Hmmmm... de dmmmmm.... de hmmmm...." Corinne hummed a very random song while she brushed and braided my hair. She could have been reciting sports' plays for all I care, because as long as someone's messing with my hair? I'm happy.

Eventually, I noticed she had stopped braiding and arranging ponytails on my head and had started making odd parts in my locks. She'd also stopped humming and had began to talk to herself;

"A little line on the left. And now a loooong line on the right. If I just pull this piece over, I can make the line cross her whole head...."

Wait; what?

"I did it, Mommy! I made your gray hair into a stripe from the left side of your head straight across to the right side of your head!!"

I guess it's true that no beauty treatments are ever truly free.
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