Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cherish is the Word

It's the end of 2011!! Patrick and I spent the day at Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg with Evan and Corinne (while Justin was with friends doing Older Kid Stuff). There was a balloon drop and sparkling apple juice and way more of the under-10 crowd than I've ever been surrounded by on a New Year's Eve before. And it was fun.

Something about New Year's makes people want to make resolutions... promise themselves that next year will be different. Next year will be BETTER...

In 2012, I promise to spend more time with my family.

I know, I know; I spend nearly ALL of my time with my family, so how is it possible for me to spend MORE time with them, right? Well, you'd be surprised how easy it can be for our family to separate into different rooms, doing different activities, moving in different circles and pathways. I want to be spending "time" with them; not moving through time with them nearby.

Time is the most valuable asset we own, and we spend it every second of every day. It's the one asset we cannot "save". I hate to think of all of the moments I've let pass me by without pausing to cherish the people that surround me.
So, in 2012, I vow to cherish my family and friends and be appreciative of the valuable time they are choosing to spend with ME.
I also vow to wear these boots more often. Patrick's eyes bug out whenever I put them on. :)

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Do you believe in resolutions? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that the world will end 12/21/12? Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart?

This post is sponsored by Trop50 which is a very tasty (I've tried it) orange juice with way less calories and sugar than regular OJ and without any artificial sweeteners. We are also privileged to have received the tickets to Legoland Discovery Center as complimentary passes. We are truly grateful!
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