Friday, December 30, 2011

Puppy Dreams...

I have been holding out on you guys. You may have been wondering why my posts are so distracted, so meh. I mean, even MORE "meh" than usual.

What do you mean, "No"? You mean you have lives outside of reading my blog and obsessing over my comings and goings?

As if.

So, as I was saying, since you're obviously curious about why I've been so distant, I'll enlighten you.

I have been sucked into the scary world of puppy adoption.

Oh yes. We're getting a dog.

This sounds simple. It sounds incredibly simple! You call a shelter, specify size, age and general breed, and they announce that you can come over and rescue a needy puppy that they have available for practically no $ at all. You take said dog home and he/she becomes a new member of your family for the next 10-15 years. Case closed.


I forgot to enter the factors of the universe into this equation including, but not limited to: allergen requirements, size issues, shelters that don't answer phones, shelters that are just plain weird about how they approve for adoption, and to add in about 3 months of strife and pondering, just for kicks.

You would think we were trying to conceive the darn puppy ourselves! has been my website of choice for at least 6 months now. I can tell you all about all of the shelters, their requirements, exactly WHY we want a dog, how we're planning on training him/her, and that YES, we WILL agree to a home visit, if it comes down to that. (I kid you not. A home visit. For a Dog.)

Please, please, please cross any loose appendages you may have available so that we will be the chosen "parents" for the puppy we're meeting next Saturday! My heart has gotten attached to so many little faces, only to find out that they have found their homes somewhere else. (which, YAY! I'm glad they're finding homes. But I wish it was OUR home...) My children are beginning to think that we're making up the whole "we're getting a dog!" promise that we made back in APRIL...
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