Wednesday, January 04, 2012

And they call it, puppy looooovvveee....

My apologies, in advance. If you are not a dog person, then you may want to click "unsubscribe" on your feed readers right now, for I fear that this blog will either suffer from :
a: neglect or
b: inundation of puppy pictures.
Which do you prefer? To never hear from me again because my children are no where near as exciting as a new little ball of fur will be or to have to indulge my gushing and fawning over a 4-legged canine? For I know that I have become what I always feared would happen once my children were past the baby stages; once we finally brought a dog into our home to compensate for the lack of neediness that an infant or toddler requires...
I have become a Dog Freak.
You know the type: the people who talk about their dogs as though they are actual members of the family. The people who spend 15 minutes reading the ingredients on the backs of all of the puppy food bags, just to be sure that their own precious ball of fur is getting the best of the best. The people who honestly believe that other people are just as interested in their DOG as they would be in a HUMAN CHILD.
I'm SORRY! I have gone over to the dark side, and she's not even in our home yet!
Alas. I cannot resist. I MUST gush! If I can no longer procreate to find blog fodder, then I will gush about this puppy which is occupying my mind just as much as my impending pregnancies did. I AM OBSESSING. It is not pretty.
But my floppy, furry, goofy little puppy is pretty damn cute. And when she comes home on Saturday, you're all going to fall in love with her, too.
Just you wait and see.
(Dude. I just yelled out "Stop running through the house with a pickle on a fork!" I guess my kids aren't so dull after all?)
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