Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Living in the Present

The corn is SO crispy right now. You can practically hear the stalks crunching as I type this, for the fields are being plowed at this very moment, securing corn for many cows and pigs and breweries across the midwest. Autumn always makes me feel as though we're living on the cusp of something Grand and Important...

A friend of mine spoke to me about the plans her family has for these next few years. The changes their children will be making in their studies and life styles feel so drastic and foreign. Planning for several years into the future sounds so simultaneously optimistic and stifling to me. The benefits are quite obvious, but having a set focus of distant goals often causes me to worry that we may miss a lovely side-track. Sometimes those meandering little paths are what bring the most joy in my life. Choosing a direction we'd like to travel into is a given and we do know where we're generally "heading", but there is no Set Destination for our family. I don't see as how there truly could be.

Sigh... All of this talk of the Future! It takes away from my contentment of our present. I truly don't mind discussing The Future and the What Ifs it contains, but I know from experience that Life has its own agenda and rhythm. I am not of a mind to wonder about tomorrow when today is so lovely and sweet... Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will come and those tomorrows will bring the wonderful and the devastating as Life sees fit. All I can do is to try to cover our butts as best we can and let the rest go.

It's absolutely beautiful today. I am sending out my lovely, sweet thoughts to everyone who is struggling through the trenches of Life. I hope the balmy warm breezes of Illinois find you, lift your spirits, and take away a bit of your pain...
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