Saturday, November 05, 2011

Don't blame my smile for your unhappiness

I am not Suzy Sunshine. I am not perpetually cheerful. I struggle with wondering what the hell Life is all about every day but I refuse to be sucked into a hole that will only become harder to climb out of if I ignore what I have to be grateful for. I thought that this was evident?

If I write about being grateful and happy with my life it's because I force myself to appreciate the small goodnesses that surround me. Despite my own personal pile of crap (we all have a pile of crap to shovel), I want to enjoy my life! We all have the ability to recognize the little things. If you choose to not focus on the good and continually wallow in only what depresses all of us, how am I to blame?

Now excuse me, but I have some cupcakes to frost and a little girl to play with.
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