Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we had an angel, a mummy and a sniper. I wore a Cat in the Hat hat and Patrick chose the elusive "Dad" costume. We left a bowl of candy on our doorstep with a note "please take ONE" and headed out to have fun with a couple of other families.

The girls bounced from house to house and the adults meandered on the sidewalks chatting or tossing a football in the street. No mittens were even needed because the weather was actually NICE on Halloween! Go figure. It was a little strange to walk without even knowing where the boys were. This was the first year that they REALLY went out without the adults. As in, they ran off into the night and we had no idea where they were the entire time. When we returned home to an empty house and a dark sky, we all did a double take. What is the protocol? Do we just... wait? They didn't have a set time to return or even a watch to know if they were "late". So.... What now? The dads went out and were back in a few minutes - the boys were only around the corner, emptying the last of the neighbor's buckets of candy. Our neighborhood's treat hours are EARLY (as in, ending at 6:00 PM. Can you freaking believe that?), so we had plenty of time to hit the local haunted house. Remembering the terror that Evan experienced last year, he opted to sit it out. The rest of the gang excitedly ventured into the backyard of DOOM.

And Corinne came out, sobbing and barnacled to her daddy's chest. You'd think we'd learn... You'd think we'd learn...

No photos right now because the old computer is a little grumpy and we don't want to upset her by asking for extra memory or anything trivial like that.

I MEAN my good, sweet, awesome computer... (stroking my monitor in hopes that she isn't reading my blog...)
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