Monday, November 07, 2011

Turn down the Bass!

I startled awake. Was there a man in my house? Holy Shit. I think there's a man in my house!

I check the clock. 8:04. Patrick is at work. So who the hell is in my house? I listen again.

There's Evan's high pitched boy voice, talking to the video game he's conquering.

There's Justin's bigger boy voice, slightly lower but still young, smack-talking to Evan about the beating he's taking.

Whack! Damn! There's Corinne, flip flopping in her sleep and causing physical injuries to all within her vicinity right beside me.

Rubbing my now-swollen eye, I pulled the covers to my chin (to protect myself from the potential intruder) and tilted my ear to the hallway.

There it is again! A definite, distinct Man Voice! There is a freaking MAN IN MY HOUSE! And he's talking about attacking... Soviet spies? What?

Holy shit, people. My 12 year old's voice has officially changed.
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