Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Wednesday morning

My coffee is cooling off, again, and I wait for the sounds of my kids as they awaken at their own rates. I am, once again, grateful for this graceful beginning of our days. I struggle to remember what it was like before we homeschooled. What the mornings were. The rushing. The perpetual reminders to keep moving, keep eating, get dressed, Hurry Up!

No time for slowly waking up and stretching like cats.

Now, every day seems like a gift of Time. A gift of lessened stress. A gift that won't last forever. Like those precious days of my eldest's baby years, this stage is in full swing. We are comfortable within it and have become Good at it. This is usually the marker for a Big Change in our lives. When Life becomes comfortable, the universe likes to throw a couple of dice at you and see what happens.

So, I continue to relish these moments of easy homeschooling life. A 7th grader, a 4th grader and a kindergartener... So lovely and smooth...

Evan has just stumbled into the kitchen at 8:30 am and is reading the directions on the sausage box. The same boy who struggled to learn to read is now navigating the confusing world of microwave instructions. Yes. Microwaveable sausage. Yum.

My day has officially begun.

The coffee will have to be heated up, again.

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