Friday, September 16, 2011

Too pooped to party

It's been a long week.

To put it mildly.

Patrick's been out of town. We've left the windows open and the front door unlocked twice. Thankfully, I also forgot to post the sign outside that said "Single, unarmed woman inside! Burglars and psychos, please use the front door!" so we managed to not get murdered and/or mutilated.

The weather has gone from 95 and sunny to 45 and frigid in just under 5 days. Hello, Autumn! In the process of digging out all of our fall clothing, I realized that I purchased the wrong size jeans for Justin. Even though his favorite pair of jeans is ONE SIZE, all of the other jeans that I bought in the same OR LARGER sizes do not fit. AT ALL. As in, the inseam is off, the waist band is crazily small and the legs don't look quite kosher. AWESOMESAUCE. We must venture into the men's department to get the proper fit. I can only assume that this will mean more money. Because anything else wouldn't fit with Murphy's Law.

I feel as though I drove 200 miles and didn't actually "go" anywhere. Well, besides a field trip to an atomic accelerator laboratory, jazz AND ballet, the grocery store twice (even though I somehow didn't purchase a single entire meal), rescued a dog from the terrors of a 4-lane highway, Chicago's Science and Industry Museum, and worked at a children's clothing sale (where I bought those jeans that don't fit my son). So technically? I guess I did go places. But it feels incredibly circular.

I had to cancel on two blogging functions this weekend due to no sitters and no husband home. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Evan is now sleeping away his "too tired for schoolwork" agony on the couch. I guess he really DIDN'T feel good, after all? Oops. Not really my fault, though. The whole "Boy who cried Wolf" kid had NOTHING on my middle child. NOTHING.

To be fair, some good stuff DID balance it out a bit. I got to snuggle my nephews while my sister attended a meeting(though that reignited the baby sighs for a bit...), have dinner with my sisters sans children and took my kids to my parents' house for the final swim at Nana and Papa's pool. We also had way too many sleepovers in my bedroom which meant that every chilly morning found us burrowing our icy feet down into our covers for a later start to our days. (i.e. my idea of a Perfect Day).

Basically, though? I miss my husband. Nothing's quite the same without him here and I am ready for this whole week to be OVER.
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