Monday, September 12, 2011

In which I test what I like to call "The Bloggess Effect."

The Bloggess Effect, (heretofore* known as TBE) is a phenomenon understood by all low-key bloggers who enjoy the humorous writings of Jen, aka The Bloggess.

TBE most often occurs when said low-key blogger finds herself*** opening the sitemeter of her blog's stats to find that the page views have increased dramatically overnight.

"Halleleujah!" shouts low-key blogger. "The Internet is finally realizing my awesomeness and I will soon have thousands of followers which will then lead to a Famous Blog, following which I will get my own t.v. show!!"

Naturally. This IS what we all think. Maybe some of you don't actually yell it out at the screen? Yes?

Moving on.

As Low-Key Blogger jumps onto her desk chair to shake her middle-aged bootie, she clicks onto the "referred by" line.

And pauses.

And climbs down from her rickety chair.

And weeps just a bit as the truth becomes evident.

No Famous Blog in sight.

Thousands of Followers will not be arriving anytime soon.

And that t.v. show is definitely gonna have to wait.

Because the truth is there in that referring URL line:

You were witty on a comment on her awesomely famous blog or managed to have a funny blog post title at the time of said comment, thus garnering a tiny portion of her massive amounts of readers' attention.

Thus proving my theory.

*heretofore? Henceforth? Adam told me not to use fancy words. Or did he say to be creative with English? I don't remember.**

**Ok. That's a lie. I probably just wasn't paying attention.

***Defiitely HERself. Because all bloggers are women, right? Except for Jim, Adam, Lou, Mark and that handsome backpacking dude with the eyebrows.
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