Friday, July 08, 2011

What Comes Around

Whose idea was it to teach these kids to have minds of their own?

Oh yeah.

That was a brilliant parenting move...

And I quote:

"Just because that's true* for EVERYONE else in the WORLD, doesn't mean it's true for ME! I like being different! I LIKE BEING WEIRD!"


What do I say to that? My heart's desire for Justin to have an independent mind has turned around and bitten me on my proverbial Mommy ass.

My 12 year old knows his own mind. The irony that his mind tends to disagree with every single idea that MY mind happens to have is not lost upon me. I'm sure my own mother is loving the payback I am receiving these days...

*This statement includes, but is not limited to: hair brushing, clothing choices, books to read, polite behavior, cleanliness, voice volume, food, music, enjoyable activities, amount of sleep a normal person requires, amount of activity a normal person requires, responsibilities, privileges, ways to not aggravate your mother, methods of learning math/language/any other educational skill, and on, and on, and on....
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