Friday, July 15, 2011


My morning, thus far:

Quick! Put on a bra before the neighbor comes over at 8 am with bags of groceries from their defrosting freezer and sees you braless and in heels!

Gotta break in some shoes for The MidWest Moms Media Summit tomorrow. I don't normally wash dishes in heels and pj's. In fact, I try to stay away from washing dishes, altogether but my family insists on eating every FREAKING day. Nobody likes my idea of skipping food or just eating over the garbage can. Whatever.

Rrrrriiinggg!!! Hello?

Hello! Just calling to make sure Corinne is coming with us to the play today? Didn't Patrick tell you? We're leaving at 9:30!

Looks at clock. 9:05 Sure. No problem.


9:24 No coffee. Rawr.

9:25 See that husband has declared that he is quitting everything including Facebook, cigarettes and his Bejeweled Blitz addiction. Crossing fingers that this is so but not holding my breath, I ignore the irony that he announced his declaration on Facebook.

10:00 Have gotten distracted by all that is shiny and speedy-fast on the Internet and have completely lost my train of thought. Am now immersed in the process of finding phone numbers and money to rearrange Saturday night's plans so that I can stay till the parties are over! We shall see...
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