Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Post About Corn Fields...

there's something about the green,
the depth and darkness within the acres of leaves
sharp enough to wound like a paper cut
and strong enough to sustain a nation.

there's something about the massive abundance of an Illinois cornfield
that simply astounds me.
the silence that is so deceptively keen...
the silence that is anything but.

have you ever been so distracted by the beauty of the brightest white moon
that your eyes couldn't remain on the road?
it reflected so brilliantly last night,
illuminating the clouds and streaking the corn stalks
with shadows of silver and hues of blue,
causing my mind to wander and heart to stray... visions of generations of moon-worshippers
dancing beneath and within the moonlight and fertile ground.
it stirred my heart
and the energy of Life and Earth and The Universe
lifted my soul.

I truly yearn to dance in the cornfield in the moonlight...
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