Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeling Betta

Ok. So the angst of packing for a trip that I will go on my own was starting to stress me out (putting it lightly). Added to hormonal fluctuations and some humidity and I was a Right Fun Time.*

It's amazing to me what a night of watching a handsome husband repeatedly tossing a wiffle ball to my daughter will do for my mood. That, and a glass of rum and Coke.

Me likey Rum and Coke.

Basically, I'm pretty freakin mellow about now.

Rock on, BlogHer11. I am ready for whatever you have to throw my way! (I am totally doing that Rocky nose-rub-punch-punch-sweat-dripping-thing right now**)

Who wants to wander the streets of San Diego with me on Thursday morning? Anyone? Bueller?
This picture has absolutely no relevance to this post other than the fact that I think I am funny.

*See also: crying over a cotton shirt that shrunk a bit, half-hour conversations on how to carry more than 2 suitcases, and weeping to husband that packing for BlogHer feels like High School all over again. Have I mentioned how much I really didn't like high school?

** Only I'm not sweating. I don't particularly like to sweat and usually cease activity*** once perspiration becomes an issue. ***Well. MOST activities. There are some occasions that even I will endure sweating for....
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