Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am not quite rested enough to concoct another quirky post title...

My children didn't understand why I was in such a bitchy mood yesterday. Well, bitchier than usual. They didn't know that a late night of wine and beer with good friends on a Tuesday might leave their mama with a smidge of a headache...

Rita, Ellyn, Brandie, Farrah, Sabrina
Me & Lou

They didn't realize that I was preoccupied the entire day, wondering how my friend was going to do in surgery.* Grasp each of those ingredients in a viselike grip, shake them together until they are fizzing and bubbling like this science experiment we did...
...and you will have an adequate visual of the contents of my brain on Wednesday.

Today began with dreary clouds and drizzles but I am definitely in a much merrier frame of mind.

* Brandie made it through surgery. She's in a lot of pain but healing. Thank you for all of the lovely comments on her blog! She was so happy on Tuesday night!
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