Friday, May 20, 2011

Sex Radar and Monster Dreams

I was busily trying to simultaneously clear away the wrappings of the day, wrangle Justin off of the computer and herd the entire group up the stairs to bed when I heard a quiet sobbing behind me. There at the kitchen table sat my baby girl, all 5 years of her, pouring out the most heart-wrenching tears you've ever seen.

"I'm afraid! I don't want any more bad dreams! Please don't make me sleep in my room!!"

My heart dropped and my eyes met Patrick's in dread as we cringed and thought "Not another one!"

I cuddled and coddled and read to her. I tucked her in with fluffy doggies and bears and blankets. I stroked her back and sang 20 minutes of songs, humming over any negative words lest they evoke anything unhappy in her pre-sleep brain. She drifted into a defeated doze, her tears wetting my shirt and hair.

My first attempt at escaping her bed and meeting Patrick alone after an entire night of come-hither looks was thwarted by her sweaty and desperate hand. She jerked awake, clutched my shirt and desperately began to whimper "I want to sleep with you! Please, Mommy, Please!"

Rinse and repeat. And repeat.

40 minutes later and I managed to MacGyver roll myself off of her creaky bed and down the hall to my waiting husband.

It was so nice to just be alone with him. The stress of the kids, friends, and just overall life was starting to wear me down. I simply needed to don only one title, "wife", for a while.

Alas, my children have sex-radar in their brains. Within 20 minutes, not one, not two, but ALL THREE of them were at our door, asking questions. One was crying. Another sleep-walking into the wall. The final begging to sleep on our floor.

Pat and I looked at each other. "I love you," he said. "...and I love our kids. I love our kids. I love our kids..." he repeated as short people invaded our sanctuary.

I love you too, babe. I love them a lot; truly. But I LOVE YOU like no other.
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