Monday, May 16, 2011

Dozens of Hands and Hearts

Do you know anyone who is truly genuine? Anyone who is honestly a Good Person without being annoying? I know someone like that. She may disagree, but trust me; she's the Real Deal.

Back in April of 2010, I was fortunate enough to go on a fabulous trip sponsored by the CVB of Galena. It was there that I met 6 women (I already knew Kim!) who honestly made the trip 1000% more fun. One person who quickly graduated from "strange person I am spending 48 consecutive hours with" into "Friend" was Brandie from A Journey of 1000 Stitches Begins With Just One... We initially bonded over our homeschooling family connection but continued on to become Friends because we make each other laugh and don't care about perfection. (Though, secretly, I think she's a little too kind-hearted to be my friend. Please don't let her know! I don't have too many genuine friends!)
Galena, IL, 04/2010

So, it was with an extremely saddened heart that I learned of her recent diagnosis of breast cancer. She is in her early 30's and lives one of those Organic-Healthy lives that would indicate that she should be "safer" than the rest of us, you know? Unfortunately, none of us is safe when it comes to the Bastard that is Cancer.

April 2010, winning a new washer and dryer from the Kenmore Live Studio Grand Opening in Chicago. We were so excited for her because her own washer had just gone Kaput!

January 2011 at the Chicago Wolves game with her daughters

What the hell, right? I am still in the "Angry" phase of her diagnosis. I am ROYALLY pissed off and have taken to saying the words "Fucking Cancer" to my husband several times a day, usually while throwing laundry around. It won't be long before my 5 year old begins to chant it, I'm sure...

Me and Brandie kissing Amy Mueller at the latest GCBM lunch.

What to do for someone who has to deal with this? No words, no gifts, no card will make it "better". I can't send her a personal housekeeper and chef along with a physical therapist to live in her home to ease her pain and speed her recovery.

But I can, as a fellow blogger, wield the one small power I have. I can ask each of you to pause a moment and send her a prayer. I can go one further and ask you to inundate her blog with heart-felt comments of love and encouragement before she undergoes her first surgery on Wednesday. I can ask you all to please remember Brandie and her husband and 3 young children on Wednesday, this week and the coming year as she undergoes many medical procedures and they all undergo a very stressful time in their lives. I know she will beat this f#cking cancer and surface with an even stronger heart than she had before. But it's always nice to begin one's journey with dozens of hands and hearts holding you up.

Brandie, I love you, honey. I will continue to think of you and your family every day. I pray for a smooth surgery and peaceful recovery...

Also, Happy Birthday, Brandie!!

You can also donate to the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Brandie's name or in the name of all women who must battle breast cancer. We WILL find a way to beat this disease. We HAVE TO.

My friend Rita is donating $1 for every comment (up to $100) that she receives today on her current post in Brandie's honor. Head on over there, too!

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