Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stupid Expanding Pelvis

Is there anything sweeter than this?
Corinne in my wedding dress.
Corinne in my sister's wedding dress.


Where's the picture of ME in my wedding dress? Heh. Apparently, my years of slipping into a fitted size 4 are over. I attempted it, don't get me wrong! It came up and over my hips (as it should! I had a big ball gown. How big could my hips have gotten?) but convincing the zipper that it could extend around the expansion that 3 kids have caused was like convincing Evan that underwear isn't evil.

Aka: No way. No how.
Here. This is me in my wedding dress. Pretend it's 2011, not 1997. Use your imagination! Just make Pat's hair much shorter, give me several streaks of gray (now in a lovely shade of Nice'n Easy Light Brown!), and shove 3 fruits of our loins in the background and you'll get the idea.
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