Friday, March 18, 2011

How to Help

We all struggle to know what to do, who to donate to, and how to help out when horrible situations present themselves around the world. Japan, Libya, Afghanistan... There is so much need! Our children may feel globally disconnected and unable to help at all. They are, after all, just children.

I hope you've heard about before. It's an educational online game that donates ten grains of rice for every correct answer you give in subjects like vocabulary, multiplication, famous paintings, and geography. But did you know that they provide enough food for 4 million people to eat in one day based upon donations from the game?

4 MILLION people.

Think about that. supports the WFP, the World Food Programme, to feed and support those who are affected by social, economic, and environmental crises.

I personally utilize Freerice as part of my homeschooling day. Earning 500 grains of rice means answering 50 questions correctly. It's a short quiz that takes 10 minutes and allows my kids to contribute to the world, doing something they would have been doing anyway! Evan is renowned for "surprising" me with 1000 grains of rice instead. He'll deliberately do EXTRA MATH because he knows that his actions will directly affect the hunger of another human being!!

A program that educates on more than one level is something I stand firmly behind.

So go on! If you haven't done it today, go to Freerice and answer a few questions! Make it part of your daily routine. Invite your kids to earn rice alongside and see who can tally the most up in a week or a month. Empower your entire family in the fight against poverty and starvation.

5 minutes could save the life of a starving child, pregnant mother, or desperate father.

After all, you're already online!!

Here's a short video explaining exactly how the WFP works with people in need around the world:
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