Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gonna Party Like It's 1985!

I need some fashion advice. We are attending an 80's Party this weekend and I don't have a thing to wear!

Crazy, right? After purging like the flu for the last year, I finally have a use for all of my outdated clothes and I'm running on empty in the wardrobe department.

That said, I was only in junior high in the 80's (Why Yes! I AM trying to make myself feel younger after some 20-something make-up chick randomly attacked my "laugh lines" with concealer! And NO, she didn't ask first! How did you know? And YES! I did tell her that I earned those lines and didn't have any problem with them until she pointed them out! And NO. I did NOT buy her product but I would greatly appreciate any uplifting remarks you've been holding out on if you've got them in your repertoire. Shit, you can lie. Lie to me. Tell me pretty, smooth-faced, false compliments). My memories of the 80's involve watching way too much Saved by the Bell, wishing for a bra and the goods to fill it, covertly changing my name to "Traci" so that I could dot the "I" with a heart, and wearing 2 or 3 pairs of scrunchy socks over my rolled-up, acid-washed jeans.

I've gone through my dresser and closet; thus far, my appearance on Saturday will entail a sideways ponytail with really Aqua-Netted, curly bangs, and a few bangly bracelets that I can steal from Corinne's dress-up box.

Help. Me.
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