Sunday, March 20, 2011

Like, fer sherr!

Thank you to everyone for their assistance in my quest for the perfect 80's ensemble. A trip to the thrift store and my basement provided me with the loveliness you see below. My hair is still recovering from the teasing (nyah nyah nyah!), mousse and spray.
Purple Passion and Hubba Bubba!! Our host was a man who listened closely to requests and provided me with my fondest memories of the 80's. (FYI: Purple Passion kinda sucks. I had forgotten that we drank it because it's all we could afford, not because it was delicious...)
My Valley Girl response to everything: Like, TOtalleeee!!
I actually like the earrings and am considering wearing them more often. Patrick DID have fun, despite his expression. This is the "I'm eating guacamole and you're taking my picture? Don't put this on the internet, Trace," look.
Pop Rocks! Fizzle Fizzle Pop!
Leather pants and a cell phone. My man knows how to rock the 80's! Rawr.
Ponytails are fun to swing in circles when you're drunk at a party but come morning, your neck will remind you of the number on your driver's license. Yeowch.

There actually WERE lots of people there despite the pictures. I'm just awesome at this photo editing thingy. ;)

I think the next party should be a 90's party! I am pretty sure that I still have my overalls*, a few flannel shirts, and a peasant skirt or two in the basement.

*Who am I kidding? The overalls are in my closet. JUST IN CASE. You never know when one might need a pair of 20 year old overalls...
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