Tuesday, March 01, 2011

At last

Goodbye February! PLEASE let the door smack you on the way out!

Ahhh... March. I am crying figurative tears of joy at the beginning of a new month. February, though busy and fun, sucked monkey balls. I wasn't depressed or anxious or SAD this year, but it still affected me. The blah-ness. The ongoing depletion of Vitamin D and fresh air and colors besides gray and brown.

But March is here and with it the tiny little sprouts of green in the trees and bushes. The crocuses will soon angrily thrust their way through the frozen ground with a chlorophyllic middle finger to Winter. The air has begun to warm noticeably to the point that I wore a TANK TOP under my hoodie today. I mean, 43 DEGREES, y'all. That's practically sandal weather.

And so, to give Spring a brilliant Welcome, I do believe that my children and I shall hit Brookfield Zoo this week and enjoy the breaking of Winter's back.

Shit. The weather forecast calls for snow on Thursday... Bollocks.*

*In addition to making a more deliberate effort to "Be Funnier" I am also making a deliberate effort to swear with more creativity. Don't like it? I don't Bloody Care!
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