Thursday, March 03, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

No offense to my boys, but I sure do love being a mom to a little girl...
Is there anything cuter than a 5 year old who writes in her DIARY (no joke) about having a crush on Justin Bieber?
I am finally starting to see this "resemblance" that everyone raves about, which is an honor because my daughter is stunningly beautiful...

...and hysterical. What a room, eh? Embassy Suites, Downtown Chicago for our American Girl's weekend trip, courtesy of the Kenmore Live Studios and Embassy Suites. The room was A.Maz.Ing.
And the American Girl package was pretty darn sweet, too. Corinne's eyes nearly popped when she saw the sugary loot we were going to plow through on our Girls Only trip. We munched all night and even ate Snickers bars in bed while watching Tangled... I was greatly disappointed with her doll, though. She just passed out in her new doll bed. So we froze her underwear; It's the law of a slumber party.
You have no idea how many pictures I own of my children and I doing this very shot...
I hadn't even had a glass of wine. I let her slap that maroon paint on my fingernails without even flinching. I deserve a medal.
Not bad, though. Especially since she's only 5 and was giggling the entire time.
My fish.
Though the American Girl store is way overpriced, IMHO, the restaurant was well priced. The sweet service and extra touches covered up the somewhat mediocre food and outrageously expensive doll accessories. We couldn't get her doll's ears pierced with our free coupon because, well, her doll isn't a "real" American Girl. Ahem. She's FIVE. I am not buying a $120 doll for a 5 year old. She was cool with it, though.
The chocolate mousse fully made up for the lack of holes in her doll's head.
Yes. That is a tank top. In February. On the train with the guitar playing 20-somethings who kept talking about how "unique" and "creative" they were which is why they dropped out of college to pursue a Mushroom Jazz band (I am positive that I heard that incorrectly) and why it's ok that they're living in their parents' basements while they pick up some hours working in construction. I'll betcha their parents aren't quite so enthusiastic about it... ;)

If you can swing it, do it. A weekend away. A night at a hotel or a campground or someone's house who is out of town to have a sleepover with one child at a time, doing silly games and talking and spoiling him or her just a bit. They feel so special and you'll never forget it.

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