Monday, February 07, 2011

Let the begging commence...

Ok. I don't ask much of you guys but I am going to ask for a favor today:

Please hop on over to the Chevy's site and click on my picture for the Driving the Midwest photo challenge! I would really love the prize which is to drive out the electric Chevy Volt for 2 weeks if I win with enough votes! AND! If I win, I promise to drive each and every one of you around in it!*You don't even want to know how hard it was to find a spot to pull over that didn't have a ditch filled with SNOW. Happy to say that I got the Traverse out of every snowy ditch before I found this flat spot to snap the shot. Vote for me, would you?!? One vote per IP address, so be careful!!!

*This won't actually happen. I may be amazing, but I'm not a logistical genie. I will, however, drive several times to ballet and art classes AND try to visit anyone in the area since gas won't be an issue!!
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