Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On...

Do you have any idea how much noise 3 kids can make in January? Holy balls! They have no concept of their own body masses. Thumping and thudding into walls and chasing each other through the house on a loop. Around and around the damn circle; who designs houses in a loop, anyway?!? Men, THAT's who.

Between Justin not realizing that he is almost 12 and the size of a smallish adult (i.e. MY SIZE, sigh) and Evan believing that he has super powers which allow him to catapult from the couches and chairs to land upon Justin in a WWF wrestling move and Corinne either shaking her bootie to the new Dance Central on the Kinect or riding her new Razor scooter in the house*, the volume level within my home is deafening.


Sometimes the noise can cause me to believe that there's a lot to worry about. Sometimes the petty arguments in our household "It's MY turn! That's not fair! I don't WAaannnnaaa!!" can escalate to a level that might cause the passerby to believe that we're unhappy and floundering. But that's only if you catch us on a bad moment. When I'm able to sit in a moment of rare silence, I fully recognize that I am Happy. With a capital H. Did you notice that? We are in a good spot and I SEE this. I embrace the chaos and silly arguments for what they are: Normal. Perfectly normal methods of relieving the easy stress that simply being alive requires.

I am so grateful for this stress. I am so, SO grateful that my family is alive and arguing, but making up afterwards. My pre-teen might drive me absolutely crazy with his perpetual moaning and groaning, but he still gives me hugs and wants to hang out with me. I still retain a smidge of "coolness" in his eyes (though it's swiftly on its way out, trust me!). I feel so lucky to be able to afford the food for a healthy dinner and serve it to my entire brood and husband, knowing that everything isn't "perfect" but we're all currently on the same page and it feels marvelous.

With Life being so fickle, we all have to embrace moments like these. Before we blink and the entire chapter has passed again...

*IN THE HOUSE! I am either extremely cool or positively insane.
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