Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lunch anyone?

Have I mentioned how much I love living in North East Illinois? We are just 45 minutes outside of Chicago which means we can enjoy all of the amenities of the city without the joy of their taxes and congestion.

Have I also mentioned how much I love the perks that blogging in the Chicagoland area brings? Perks like tickets to The Chicago Wolves, Disney on Ice*, Monster Jam**, MacBeth*** and an American Girl weekend away... All of these outings and reviews make my kids think I'm a rockstar. Truly!

One thing that I don't do often enough is get together with fellow bloggers just to HANG. And you know what? I want to hang with you guys! So, let me know if you're local(ish) and if you're available on Saturday, February 5. I want to get some of us together for lunch and coffee and chatting without worrying about networking or reviewing or anything. (Not that I don't love all of that!) Comment below and leave me your email and we'll set it up (unless you're a weird stalker man who plans on flashing us****).

*I still have 4 free tickets to giveaway for Disney on Ice!

**I will also have free tickets for Monster Jam coming up soon...

***AND 4 free tickets for MacBeth at the Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier! Stay tuned....


****In which case, I'll send you to a different location and laugh at your expense.*****

*****Unless you're a really smokin flasher and then I'll get a vote from everyone and get back to you.
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