Monday, January 10, 2011

Not quite the look I had in mind.

Wow. This is not how I pictured my top post to appear this morning. Let me clarify...

Patrick got me a new keyboard for Christmas. One without a space bar that wobbles and sticks, which is nice. It's always great to type and have the words be separated. This keyboard is a slightly curved one to help my wrists or something. He's looks out for me, that one. Quite the sweet husband, right? Little did I know that the Control button is now placed ever so slightly higher. This means that while I'm happily typing away about my weekend's adventures without looking at the screen or keyboard (because I have mad typing skills like that), I now tend to strike the Ctrl key instead of the Enter and sometimes just erase an entire post! AND it saved! Yaaayyy...

Merry Christmas to me!

Therefore, my attempts to post a tidbit of my fabulously funny brain at the top of my blog for any new readers who have jumped over from my post at Mamapedia today (hello!) have been foiled. Especially since today is Day One of Project "We are starting school BEFORE 11 AM and you will only get 1 warning if you are talking back and good work will bring rewards and we are a happy happy family tra la la!"

Yes. So. Hello, newbies! Sorry to disappoint but there are 3 kids who need some schooling and I am just the woman to answer that call!
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