Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ringing in the New Year 2011...

We usually go to my sister's house for New Year's Eve and leave the kids at my mother-in-law's house. It generally involved a lot of fancy mixed drinks and bra snapping while playing The Newlywed Game.

Since my sister and her family decided to go to DISNEY WORLD for this New Year's (brats) and my MIL had overnight company for the holiday, Patrick and I were a bit dumbfounded as to what we were going to do. His best friend saved the day by inviting us and another family over to hang out and play their new Xbox Kinect. Lemme tell you this: that Kinect was AWESOME.
Piece of evidence #1: Justin is dancing. A lot. And sweating. He is EXERCISING. My mouth was quite ajar, I can assure you.
#2: Of course, nothing was more exciting than wondering just how many times Patrick's head would hit the ceiling fan. At 6'5", I was sure it would be a bloody night; especially after they switched the fan ON because THEY WERE SWEATING, TOO! Amazingly enough, he only knicked his HAND once while diving to spike the "volley ball" on the Kinect's sports game. I was mildly disappointed and had a rum and Coke to drown my misery.

Right here is where you would see a picture of me and Justin playing a brutal game of boxing on the Kinect except, oh RIGHT, riiiiiggghhht. Nobody ever takes a picture of ME unless I hand them the damn camera and demand that my presence be recorded. I forgot.

Anyway, it's quite liberating to punch a virtual child of yours and shout "Do your schoolwork! Stop complaining! CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!" I actually hurt my shoulder from the force and think that we should have warmed up prior to playing the VIDEO GAME that made even ME sweat! (FYI, I don't sweat. I refuse to. If anything, I may glisten in the midst of a humid heatwave in August, but it won't last long because I'll be in a pool before the "glistening" becomes too much.)

The neighbors were really kind to provide tons of explosives to shoot over the street. It was awesome to stand outside and shiver in January in ILLINOIS. It was even cooler (according to Evan) to see the police come and give them their fines. DUH!! People: It's like, a $750 fine to shoot off fireworks in Illinois. Not worth it. But thanks for the show, nonetheless!
Not New Year's, but my house is overrun with vermin since Christmas. I fear the day that one of them gets entangled in someone's hair. Who's gonna place bets on the "when"??
Also Not New Year's, but I don't care. He's all smiley in this shot as we played the Settlers of America. Heh Heh. Just wait, kiddo. I will wipe that smile off of your smug little face TWO TIMES IN A ROW as my team conquers yours. This mama knows how to settle a continent!

Pats herself on her back...
Also ALSO Not New Year's (I guess I could rename the post but really? I don't think it's worth the effort, do you?). Blood! Blood, I tell you!!!! The floppy, dangly tooth met its match in the form of a pancake and some syrup. It was pretty gruesome.

I know he looks manic. He's also cross-eyed, but I'm not sure why. All I know is that Evan is about to be chased after with a camera again. I sure do love me some holey mouths...
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