Friday, January 07, 2011

I love me some Physical Fitness aka "Kinect ROCKS"

I never thought I'd be so happy as to see my kids "punching" each other before breakfast.
It's a good day, indeed.

Also? THAT is a Messy, messy house. It's a work in progress, folks. You should SEE how clean my bookshelves are, though.Those shelves right there? Have been emptied and moved and loaded with the art supplies. The kids' school shelves are next and then the office will be CLEAN and I will be HAPPY. It's amazing to me how rearranging a room can make the whole world seem fresh and bright and cause you to wonder at how you didn't see how the flow could be improved before. It feels as though I've discovered an entirely new room in our house!

On that note, I have tons of papers to file, corners to vacuum and kids to teach before the weekend can begin.

Keep it Real, peeps.
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