Friday, January 14, 2011

Insomnia Rocks

I wonder how many times I've sat down to write after either being:

a: inebriated


b: fatigued beyond belief from the insomnia that I refuse to do anything about. (I mean, doing something about it would require me to visit a doctor and that? Hahahahaha!! Only if I'm bleeding out of my ears, and that might be easily remedied by extra thick Q-tips, right? Doctors and I don't get along. They think they know all the answers and I happen to strongly disagree. Also, anyone who asks me if I'd mind them checking out my butt when I'm 8 months pregnant and is confused as to why I'd balk at that has something wrong with their brain.)

Did I just say "checking out my butt" on my blog? I do believe I did. I've been up since 1:30. This is as good as it's going to get.

Middle of the night shows are great. Really old re-runs of King of the Hill (like, 1997! Dude. I was freshly married in 97...) and Happy Days. Awesome. We have hundreds of channels including HBO on Demand and the best I can find at 2 am is Happy Days. At least it featured Fonzi. He was such a cutie. Eeeeeeeaaaayyyyyyyy....

It's all cool though, cuz I also managed to watch half of 50 First Dates. Yep. Nothing like watching one of the saddest romantic comedies with your husband and kids all snoring around you. (Yes. The entire family was in our room last night. This is pretty much par for the course. I'll miss it someday, right?)

ANYway. Slight break in typing and it's now... 6:00 am! Major benefit of being awake was having coffee with Patrick for half an hour before he heads off to work. 30 minutes and no interruptions!

Insomnia finally scores!
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