Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zu Zu Pet Gender Reassignment

A Question for you all:

If your mother were shouting at you to leave her alone because your whines and cries are so irritating that your OWN MOTHER (who adores you to pieces) cannot stand the noise, would you continue to stand just inches away from her? Would you continue to whine (at the top of your lungs) that you just KNOW that your Zu Zu pet is a girl even though your brother says it's a boy?!? Would you?

Wouldn't you assume that mere inches between yourself and your mother, who is currently swearing at the slowness of her computer and the impossibilities of ever becoming a Real Presence in the blogging world with such a handicap as said computer*, would be a poor choice of location for said tantrum?

The clincher for this mama is that the above mentioned child is currently singing a song about popcorn. She is no longer freaking the hell out over the gender of her damn electronic hamster while I am STILL aggravated beyond all belief.

FYI, Corinne: that black and white Zu Zu pet? The one that you insist is female even though your brother says otherwise? Guess what?

IT'S A BOY. Said so on the box. Ha HA!

I need a life.

*That's right, Tracey. Blame the computer...

*No hamster was injured in the writing of this post, though I sure as hell wanted to throw him down the toilet...
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