Sunday, November 07, 2010

There's a lollipop stick on my floor..

"Look at all of the channels on the list, ma'am. Are there any missing that you might like to have?"

Our new cable guy was walking us through the incredibly impressive list of channels we would be receiving yesterday. I browsed quickly and decided it was fine. Really, as long as there's Nick, Disney, ABC, NBC, and CBS, I'm golden. And the money we'll be saving each month makes me happy enough to not notice if we don't get a few channels anymore.

"Did you notice they have HGTV, ma'am?"

(why does he keep calling me MA'AM???)

"That's... Home and Garden, right? Ummm. Yeah, I see it."

"Do you watch it?"

I stared him in the eye. My brows lifted and my arms slowly spread across the expanse of my living room floor. Encompassing the coats on the couch, shoes piled by the closet, puppets and Memory game pieces peeking out from under dozens of children's books, and a plate of half-eaten jalepeno poppers, I asked:

"What do you think?"
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