Friday, November 12, 2010

Turkey Guts

Dude. No post since Sunday and nobody cares? Nice, guys. Reaaaaalll nice. I could be lying on the floor, bleeding and crying and unable to type and nobody would ever even notice. Just a whisper of a tweet on the internet of "Whatever happened to... what was her name again? Oh well..." and I would fade into obscurity... My heart; it breaks.

Despite the fractures within my life-giving organ, I am persevering. The smallish turkey my dad gave us is filling the house with delicious aromas as it roasts within my oven. The turkey and veggie soup that is simmering away, concocted from the neck and guts that I delicately yanked from its body cavities is just as eagerly anticipated for today's lunch.* I adore autumn's aromas...

I had a fabulous post all written up in my brain for Veteran's Day. Sadly, it will have to wait because we were installing and then adjusting to the newness of internet/phone/tv via Comcast's Xfinity. Now we're all up and running and everything is fast and bright and shiny and new and I am going to need a few weeks to adjust my 20th century brain to this new-fangled 21st century stuff. I will say I was highly disappointed with one thing from Xfinity. After installation, I was left with a pile of wires and cords from our previous services. My old cords aren't nearly as engaging or humorous as the commercial's:

Yeah, my old cords are less like an endearing but slightly senile great-uncle and more along the lines of a neglected 14 year old cat: They're evil and silent and like to shit and puke all over the place when you're not looking.

Not that I'd know anything about cats like that."I am not amused. Just wait till she lets go of me; I have in-depth plans of revenge that include your leather coat and a plastic bag that won't quite digest in my stomach..."

*Yummy. Nothing says "eat me" more than a neck removed from the butt of a turkey.
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