Saturday, November 06, 2010

Having "it all."


Is there a prize? Do we win something for over-structuring our lives and believing that there are certain qualifications we "have to" meet in order to be living a "good life?"

Newsflash: There are no prizes! There is only the moment you are in with the hope that you will have more moments to reflect upon the moments that have passed. That's it, folks. We don't receive commendations from God for having put our kids into all the "right" classes and achieving straight A's or going to a "great college." We can only live and breathe and hope that our presence upon this world has left a loving mark upon our family and friends.

Striving to succeed in the work force or to elevate our kids to have a "better" life than we did is all well and good if it doesn't detract from the peace within your heart. If you cannot breathe in and out and know that you were able to appreciate your life and its blessings then what is the point?

Who are you racing against?

Who are you trying to beat?

For everyone, no matter how many letters of accomplishment they can attach to their names or how many dollars they can claim on their income tax forms, will die. Death equalizes us all; the criminals and the saints. The elderly and the young. You cannot "anti-age". You cannot finish everything for there will ALWAYS be more to do. And if there wasn't time to finish all the minutiae that you deem "important" because you were enjoying an extra cup of coffee, reading a great book, or kissing your loved one? SO BE IT. Enjoy yourself! Being happy isn't something you can "achieve." It's something that is always available, right in front of you; you just have to acknowledge its existence!

No matter the negatives my own life may contain, I KNOW that I am lucky and I KNOW that things will continue on this up and down roller coaster until I can no longer breathe in and out. All I can do is to enjoy the dizzying thrills as best as I can. And it's always more fun to ride with my hands in the air and eyes wide open, don't you agree?
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