Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brighter Skies and Happy Clouds

Holy Cow. It's amazing what a little coffee and a working telephone will do for your mood. I'm sure the drop in temperature has played a part, too. For I am SO happpeeeyyyyyy today!! :DIt is GORGEOUS out!!


The neighborhood kids are all home for Columbus Day and a teacher's institute day so my kids are off, too. It's too gorgeous and there are too many kids running around to try and get them to sit down and "do school." Instead, I gave Evan and his buddy a magnifying glass and a nature study booklet to record info on a dead grasshopper they found. Excellent. They are currently describing the texture of its guts.* If that's not hands-on education, I don't know what is! I'd also like to note that Justin just excitedly ran into my office:

"Hey, Mom? What was Abraham Lincoln's vice president's name?"

blank stare

"Ahhh... Um. I don't know. Check out our Presidential chart. The guy after Lincoln took over his office when he was assassinated."

He checks and reads...
"Hmm. Andrew Johnson? But I thought it was Hannibal Hamlin..."

"I don't think so, babe. Sorry."

his face is all confused and crestfallen...

"But I remember it!"

"Why are you asking?"

"There's a character on my video game named Hannibal Hamlin."

"Weird. Maybe it was his first running mate?"

By this time, his interest has waned and he is back in the family room, playing again. Curious, I Googled the name, Hannibal Hamlin and, sure enough, he was Lincoln's FIRST vice president! Hot damn. My kid remembered Abraham Lincoln's first vp's name! I am a totally AWESOME HOMESCHOOL MOM!! **Suspicions have been confirmed: I AM A NERD.

*For the uninformed, grasshopper guts are "slmey and gros with a crnche shel." I think we need to work on VOWELS a touch more...

** I can completely take credit for teaching him something I don't remember. I am absolutely fine with that. I am also trying not to recognize the fact that a video game may have just reinforced a historical fact. See how I can just block out shit like that? It's called a woman's prerogative. Look it up.
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