Thursday, October 14, 2010

If that's not love, what is?

Love is a word that is thrown around a lot.

"OMG! I totally LOVE Edward! He is so HOT!!"

"I LOVE my fancy-schmancy-cell phone/computer/superhero contacting device that Tracey doesn't have!"*

But real love isn't so pretty. Real love doesn't always sparkle in the meadow or shine in a window display. Real love means accepting sacrifice and pain all for the joy you can bring to your beloved's eyes...

Real love is something you feel for someone so special, you'd spend hours making them Lite Brite hearts in the dark...
Real love means slaving over the iron, dewrinkling 9 shirts for your husband, even when ironing is your least favorite thing to do in the world (even lower than cleaning the toilets and cat box).

Real love is when your husband hears the PMS desperation in your voice after a long day of selling from your garage (We made $90 so far! Whoooot!!) and walks into the house with a box of Fannie May's raspberry creams....

"Then you love me?!?"

"I suppose I do..."

"And I suppose I love you, too..." **

*hint hint. I could really use a fancy-schmancy cell phone. With or without superhero contacting abilities....

**guess which character I was in that musical? Guess because I am seriously on a chocolate high and feel like finding out who else was a drama freak in high school...
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