Thursday, September 02, 2010

I choose to call them "Creative"

"Mommy, I want to make a bow and arrow!"

I snickered behind my hand because there is NO WAY he could make an arrow fly with a bow made out of yarn, a stick and Scotch tape, right?
The joke's on me. Those suckers FLEW! Nobody lost an eye so the whole experiment was successful.

Zoom in.

My kids' sentence structure needs a little work, but the creativity is there...
This is what happens when you leave my kids in the backyard unattended for hours on end. They will devise (with the help of a few friends) a zip line made from yarn and a plastic golf club tube.

A zip line. From YARN. Let that one sink in.

Again, no one was hurt (not even my trees!) and they had a BLAST so I can chalk it up to a GOOD day.

For fun, enlarge the last photo. See the lovely "Christmas decorations" on my trees? Decorations that include wiffle balls, light sabers, and other outdoor toys tied to the trees with yarn?

3 weeks later and it's still up. I think we'll just wait for the real Christmas and pretend it was purposeful.
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