Monday, September 06, 2010

Chemicals in my EYE, yo. My. EYE.

I'm ticked off. My keyboard's space bar has decided to take a vacation in conjunction with Pat and Evan's trip to Canada. Therefore, if I were to just type without editing, this is what you would see:

I havetons of good ideasforposts! I have been sobusy this weekendandthe kids (what'sleft of them without Evan)'sjust say that the pre-teen angstis at a ripeoldhigh in the house andleave at that,shall we?Ican be grateful that there won'tbe any video gamesin the housefor a month becauseof said angst. Silver lining and all.

SEE?!? Did you understand that? In order to type a sentence with spacing I have to type soooo sloooowly and backspace more than I type! I AM NOT AMUSED.

Here. Watch me embarrass myself with my lameness instead. I am off to drink wine and bemoan my lack of a proper space bar...

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