Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's Okay!

It's ok.

Right Amber? Amber and her "It's Okay" Thursdays.* Which she stole from somebody else and which I am stealing from her.

Except today is Wednesday.

It's OK... be pissed off that my left arm is twitching. Some phantom muscle is having a fiesta in my bicep, making me look as though I am doing a fancy muscle trick. Except I'm not. And it's annoying. You can see this twitchy twitch from across the room, guys. It's BAD. I am ANGRY. >:(

... to believe that you COULD run so fast that your feet don't actually touch the ground, just like in your dreams. You just don't feel like proving it right now.

... to point at the tv and say "I know her!" when referring to a local newsreporter that you once met at a luncheon a few months ago. After all, it impressed the kids and when they asked how you knew her you could rub your knuckles on your pj shirt and casually state, "from the blog. I know her from the blog." They need to idolize me a bit more and I am not above claiming friendship where there was really only a passing acquaintance over hummus and veggies. It's me against them and I need as much of an upper hand as I can get.

... to start missing your husband and son before they even leave for their fishing trip. 9 days without my middle kid? I've never done that before. It's a big deal and I am not ashamed to admit that I am going to cry.

... to be happy that it's raining out today which means kids may not be knocking at our door this afternoon. Sometimes, I just want a little peace and quiet. Sometimes, the craziness of tons of friends running in and out can wear on my sanity.

... to whine about the soreness in your legs. It's unfortunate that after only 2 days of jogging with your 8 year old, you can't climb the stairs without grunting. Especially since your kid was LAPPING you for the ten minutes you guys ran (we have a loop we do through the house. It sounds like a herd of elephants). Yes, he lapped me, repeatedly, and still had enough energy to play Ultimate Battle** outside for 3 hours last night. Ahhh... to be 8.

... to wish you were as funny as Amber. And then to secretly hate her a little bit. And then to feel guilty for saying that because you DON'T hate her; she's a sweetie and her husband is serving in Korea for a year! But you still kinda-sorta wish she would write a dumb post once in a while.

... to clap your hands when the fridge is still running in the morning.

... for your son to wear the same shorts for 2 or 3 days because you have packed the other shorts into the bag for Canada. He's homeschooled; who's gonna care?

... to want to search NetFlix for Harry and the Henderson's.

... to believe in fairies.

.... to need more than 3 cups of coffee. Right now.

* Apparently it's on Tuesdays, but I think it's funny that I wrote a whole post thinking that I was a day early instead of a day late.

** a game involving lots of boys that have toy guns and swords that they shoot at each other from behind overturned chairs and sandboxes. Also, it's a game that means everyone passes out at night, right on schedule. I've decided that I like gun games.
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