Monday, June 21, 2010

A day at Navy Pier

I cried at a cartoon.
I did. There aren't many cartoons that make me cry*, but Toy Story 3 made me BAWL. What with the leaving for college and saying goodbye and ceaseless marching on of time and such... Oy.

The 3-D glasses that hid my tear-stained face saved me because the last 30 minutes of that movie just about killed me. Flashes of my own life in 7 years from now were way too close for comfort. My mother-in-law was sitting 2 chairs down and had just as hard of a time with it as I did. We were both grateful for the lengthy credits with the much-needed comic relief to allow us to get our snifflings under control.Waiting for the Shoreline water taxi to Navy Pier with Grandma.

I do wish that the day care wasn't portrayed as quite such a prison sentence for toys. I have a bad feeling that there will be some sad children at their day care centers after watching Toy Story 3... It had some interesting lessons behind it, of course. Treat others with respect, life is all about moving on, loyalty to someone doesn't mean you should completely sacrifice yourself, etc.

Overall, well done, Disney and Pixar**. Another fabulous addition to the family classic line-up and one that I will gladly collect on dvd!
The green dot and blue dot are my sons. I rode this just moments before with them and actually got nauseous. When did I get so old that a swing ride makes me ILL?!?

Too short for the swings and had to make do with the merry-go-round and mini-drop rides. She looks really broken up about it, doesn't she?You can never go wrong with Haagen Dazs on a warm day at the Pier...

*ok, that's a pure lie. There are tons*** of cartoons that make me cry, but I sound like a baby when I say that.

** Then again, I doubt my children will ever want to throw away any toy EVER AGAIN. So maybe I might have a smidgen of a bone to pick with you...

*** Meet the Robinson's, Tarzan, Bolt... I could go on and on...
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